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Your test results are the best care plan and our testing is designed to be a precursor and necessary addition to this plan.

Benefits of Testing

Regularly testing can greatly improve your life expectancy and quality of life in general


Testing can help you identify the right kind of medicine for you.

Blood Work

There are some types of cancer that can only be diagnosed or with the right testing.


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    Doctors, professionals and people that survive a life threatening disease like cancer understand that early detection of the disease is one of the keys to survival. The percentage of the recurrence of cancer in survivors ranges from 5-23% within the first 5 years.
    So it is important for survivors to understand that the battle doesn't end at remission, continue to be tested for signs of reemergence.

    Solution is committed to providing the quickest most accurate screening for indicators if cancer activity is present.
    All cancer survivors should have a Survivorship Care Plan with their physician. Our testing is designed to be a precursor and necessary addition to this plan. Even after the 5th Year anniversary of the treatment it would be prudent to continue testing on a biannual basis, to provide peace of mind knowing that you have the information to make wise health choices.

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    The distinctive modalities of testing that we offer will convey valuable data that can be utilized to control a successful treatment design, in this manner guaranteeing the best results while controlling risks..

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